Toronto's Air Apparent. Investigating geoengineering, weather manipulation, chemtrails, contrails.
Concerned citizens investigating
jet engine effluent trails, geoengineering, weather manipulation
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First response from Toronto Mayor's office

Date: Thu, 07 Apr 2005 13:40:07 -0400
From: "Carmen Smith" <>
Subject: Re: following the letter from TAA

Dear Toronto's Air Apparent,
Thank you for your e-mail to Mayor Miller regarding effluent releases from high altitude jets.  I am responding on behalf of the Mayor.
As you are likely aware, responsibility for airplane emission and air traffic control matters fall within Federal government jurisdiction.  Therefore,  we suggest you contact either the Honourable Stephane Dion, Federal Minister of the Environment, or the Honourable Jean C. Lapierre, Federal Minister of Transport regarding these matters.
A copy of your e-mail has been forwarded to the City's Air Quality Strategy Manager, with the Department of Works and Emergency Services, for her information and review.
 Carmen Smith
Special Assistant
Office of the Mayor
(416) 338-7116

As an adjunct to our original mailed letter to Mayor Miller, we followed up by sending an email version of the open letter. It is the email version to which the Mayor's office has opted to reply.

Further correspondence with Toronto's Mayor Miller will be posted here.

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