Toronto's Air Apparent. Investigating geoengineering, weather manipulation, chemtrails, contrails.
Concerned citizens investigating
jet engine effluent trails, geoengineering, weather manipulation
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Toronto's Air Apparent: In the News

Nov 27/06 CBS News reports: Supreme Court to hear global warming case
Lawsuit by a dozen states and environmental agencies seeks federal regulation of carbon dioxide emissions from cars but ruling could have far-reaching effect. Bush urges Supreme Court to reject the case. (The case is Massachusetts v. Environmental Protection Agency, 05-1120).Read

NBC4 Television News in Los Angeles investigates chemtrails
In "Toxic Sky" Paul Moyer reports: Is the government manipulating the weather?
Part 1 May 2006:
Link to video & comment by Brian Holmes on The Holmestead
See video on NBC4 website
See Winamp version
Part 2 November 2006:
NBC4 website

Harper, Bush share roots in controversial philosophy
They reflect the disturbing teachings of Leo Strauss, the German-Jewish émigré who spawned the neoconservative movement. Most people, he famously taught, are too stupid to make informed decisions about their political affairs. Elite philosophers must decide on affairs of state for us. Read

Messin' with the weather
Emails have poured in saying, we have missed the mark on what caused Katrina and Rita. Report after report came in giving documentation of weather modification happening around the world. Read

Background on the HAARP project
A must-read, no-nonsense overview from Project Argus to present, by Dr. Rosalie Bertell. "The project is likely to be sold to the public as a space shield against incoming weapons, or, for the more gullible, a devise for repairing the ozone layer." Chilling! Read

Goodbye sunshine
Termed 'global dimming', scientists discover a significant reduction in sunlight each year. Read

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US and Israel targeting DNA in Gaza? The DIME bomb, yet another genotoxic weapon - Online Journal

GAO admits to military "chaff". Lab report reveals much more - Idaho Observer

Scientist publishes escape route from global warming - The Independent

Harsh weather patterns shouldn't be tampered with yet - Courier Press

Airlines must lose their rights to pollute the sky - Common Dreams

Going to extremes to fight global warming - The Globe and Mail

Increased illness linked to mystery powder - The Alpenhorn News

Toxic Sky? - Paul Moyer of NBC4 TV News investigates chemtrails.
See video on NBC4 site or view Winamp version.

Committee approves bill establishing weather modification program - KWTX

Militarising space. Canada's leading role - Straight Goods

Canada's new government hacks green programs - Globe and Mail

Canada's new government cold to climate change action - ECCHO News

Hurricane workshop to meet in Bay Area - Pensacola News Journal

The contrail effect -

Harnessing weather. Allegations surface that U.S. & Russia have technology to manage hurricanes - American Free Press

UN rejects terminator seed technology - Straight Goods

Mystery dust blamed for power outage - KIFI Local 8 News

The mother of all tankers! Evergreen 747 Supertankers on month-long demo over 11 states - Evergreen International Aviation

Los Angeles California protest rally against U.S. Senate Bill 517 - California Skywatch

Canada conducts national level radiological incident exercise - CNW Group

Chernobyl disaster linked to higher infant mortality rates in Britain -

UN accused of ignoring 500,000 Chernobyl deaths - Guardian UK

Chernobyl 20 years on - The Observer

Experimental weather modification bill fast tracking for passage in U.S. Senate - Bellaciao

Waitangi claim for the atmosphere and its resources - TWM

Weather Modification (pro chemtrail bill) S517 Violates National Security - Bay Area Indymedia

'Open Skies' air treaty threat - Guardian Unlimited

Flying is dying - Alternet EnviroHealth

Unidentified floating objects crisscross area skies - Amarillo Globe News

Canada's 2006 Election: A chilling echo of Bush's Republicans -

New defence minister and Caesar's wife - CBC News

New defence minister a former industry lobbyist - CTV

Stay out of costly U.S. missile defence system, former Pentagon expert warns -

Defence minister back U.S. missile plan - Toronto Star

Tories want big bang for defence -

Record-setting snow buries northeast - FOX News

Aiding the policenet - Front Page Magazine

Race is on to prepare for Northwest tsunami - KATU News

BYU professor's group accuses U.S. officials of lying about 9/11 - Deseret Morning News

Martial Law - Drills, drills and more drills - American Chronicle

Agricultural Alert 2006 - California Skywatch

Can we stop storms? - Popular Science

Messin' with the weather - The Illinois Leader

Hot on the contrails of weather - Wired News

Is it the weather or government terror? - Online Journal

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