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Chemtrails out of the closet?

Canadian Action Party Press Release on Chemtrails

August 22, 2005: Canadian Action Party Leader, Connie Fogal, condemns the use of aerial spraying of aluminum and barium and whatever else in the sky for weather modification purposes and/or whatever other undisclosed purposes.

Canadian Action Party leader, Connie FogalFogal says, "This is a serious health issue fraut with untold and unknown effects on all life forms. That our government and Parliamentarians have refused to admit the occurrence of chemtrails or to inform citizens on this potentially life threatening experimentation is another example of their refusal to exercise our sovereignty, and the abrogation of their duty to the citizenry."

And while Canadian sovereignty is edged ever closer to deep integration with our neighbours to the south, she goes on to say, "Our government should refuse access to the United States to Canadian airways for aerial spraying of chemicals for such experimentation."

Yes, you can allow yourself a little celebratory smile. It's not often that a politician goes out on a limb to air unpopular, albeit legitimate concerns. Particularly in regards to chemtrails.

While scorn, derision and buck-passing are usually the order of the day in response to chemtrail queries, the Canadian Action Party and Ms Fogal are a refreshing breeze that blows through the stagnant miasma of politics. They have demonstrated remarkable courage in bringing this important issue into the mainstream light of day.

This is a marvelous opportunity folks, and not one to be missed! We strongly urge you to contact the Canadian Action Party and Connie Fogal to voice your approval and offer encouragement!

Note: The article "Chemtrails out of the closet?" by Will Thomas is available to read on the same web page at Canadian Action Follow the link below:

Source: Canadian Action Party Press release

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